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Every time when I leave your place I feel só aligned, seen, felt, touched, cleansed, light and connected!I am always looking for bodyworkers who touch me as I would if I could treat myself. And I found this in you! You create a most safe and loving environment, so I dare to totally surrender to your hands and your guidance and deeply feel what arises in the session. I feel you are totally in touch with your intuition and your ability to tune into people is amazing. In short .. you are my all time favorite bodyworker. Keep up the good work. I wish this for everyone!

Release, relax and reconnect with your essence

When you consciously bring your awareness into the body, the body takes over

and guides you very subtle, through different stages of release into deep relaxation.

Safely held in compassion, the mind can come to rest.

You start to reconnect with existence itself

in a state of peaceful bliss and delight.

Welcome to Reconnect You Bodywork

RY Bodywork is designed for open minded women to embody and empower their personal development, spiritual growth and leadership.

What is RY Bodywork

RY Bodywork is a fusion of deep bodywork philosophies like Myofascial Energetic Release, Tantra and Martial arts. It's a unique combination of manipulations of soft and deep tissues, release of joints, energy work, breathing, fascial unwinding and body awareness. The work is trauma and transformational based and uses the natural capacity of self-healing.

Who am I

In 25 years of practicing and teaching martial arts and 15 years of personal, spiritual and bodywork development, I became passionate about holding safe space for the uninhibited divine feminine expression and the deep grounded wisdom that comes to surface when the feminine deeply relaxes.

Through supporting women to reach their highest potential, they will be able to support men to reach theirs, so that we can lift each other up in compassion, integrity and understanding in order to build the world we want to see.

My mission as a bodyworker is to facilitate women in their journey by inviting them to consciously reconnect through their body to their essence.

By setting intentions to be of highest service, I work from a guided place, stepping out of the way and trusting the process.

The process

In sessions we co-create and follow, without agenda and in complete safety, the subtle feedback from your body. By consciously breathing, you gently become aware of (trauma) holding patterns stored in your body. Through loving presence, conscious touch and allowing free expression of the body, consciousness is awakened in your body, blockages are released and stuck life energy starts to flow again.

The process results in more grounding, deeper breath, spaciousness, free movement, better posture, alleviation of pain and deep relaxation. Aside from physical and energetical effects, sessions have a rippling effect on your mind and heart. The mind silences and gets clear, the heart opens. The perception of life is expanded and you are more able to engage intuitive mind and inner wisdom. Inspiration, creativity and new insights arise. You will be more present, focused and aware of your healthy boundaries. You feel energized and empowered to actually make change and manifest your reality by taking action and doing what you know is right.

The process is based on multiple sessions over a periode of months in tune with the level of your awareness and intentions.

Session results are depending on the level of your personal and spiritual development as well as your willingness and commitment to the process.

Relevant part of the process is integration between sessions. You will receive tools to stay focused on the process and work with the feedback you received from your body and subconscious mind.

The Tantric Dojo

In addition to providing individual bodywork sessions, I facilitate and teach bodywork in Tantric embodiment educations and workshops.

Based on my Martial Arts foundation and Tantric journey The Tantric Dojo is created.

Held in a sacred ceremonial Dojo container, different forms of Tantric Martial arts are practiced, like the Tantric Play fight, which is a deep grounded non-interfered somatic polarity play between the wide range of authentic masculine and feminine human expressions.

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Sessions can be booked at my place near Amsterdam

or somewhere you desire.

Inspiration and Co-creation

Tantric Sexology
The Pleasure Temple

Myofascial Energetic Release

Rather than compromising, find grounding, roots, individuality.

Grounding has nothing to do with knowledge, it has to do with being


People say



Ik voel me herboren na de sessie, alsof alles weer op de juiste plek is gezet. Jeroen gaat met aandacht, liefde en geduld te werk, leest je lichaam en bekijkt echt samen met jou wat je op dat moment nodig hebt. Wat je op dat moment kan en mag loslaten en door middel van adem en aanraking nog dieper in je lichaam te zakken. Niet alleen tijdens de sessie, maar ook de dagen erna voel ik dat er wat in beweging is gezet. Ik ken niemand die deze unieke combinatie aan bodywork geeft en ben dankbaar dat Jeroen op mijn pad terecht is gekomen. Snel weer!

With his big presence and open heart, Jeroen creates a space in which I felt safe to open myself completely to what my body wanted to tell me. Jeroen's work is deep, confrontational and both solid and soft. The session has given me many insights and is an anchor to come back to myself in my body more quickly when the mind is active. I felt softer and more relaxed afterwards. Jeroen is the best bodyworker I know. If you want to learn more about yourself and grow, I highly recommend to go for a few sessions with him. His loving way of guiding is unique. It’s a big gift to yourself.


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